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Vebmark is a professional Web Designing and Development Company in Bangalore, also serves you with custom web application and digital marketing Services including SEO, SEM (Pay Per Click) & SMM.The Vebmark team vibrant skill set allows us to capably mold our services to match your needs across strategy, design, and development of websites, mobile apps, software & digital marketing ( SEO ).

From full-project engagements to a specific slice of services, we help our clients launch the best projects possible. We craft polished, intuitive designs that top-notch developers bring to life with agile and clean code.

Our Process

Our team is comprised of Designers, and Developers, Strategists, committed
to delivering smart effective web & marketing solutions.

Step 1


Main Activities

Client Research, Sectorial Research, Competition Research,
Benchmarking, User Research, Legacy interface analysis/testing.

Key Questions

What are the main project goals? Is the available budget enough
to meet those goals & objectives? If not, what else can we
propose? What are the needs of the users? What services are
currently set up to meet those needs? How are they performing?

Step 2


Main Activities

Think about content strategy, define information architecture,
display content blocks visually (these are called wireframes) for
client sign-off, produce a mood board to guide the Design phase.

Key Questions

What are the key communication hooks? What is the information
architecture? What are the objectives for each screen? Prioritise
calls-to-action, define overall content hierarchy.

Step 3


Main Activities

Write the content for the project before the Design phase begins.
Get client approval.

Key Questions

How do we engage users? How can we tell the client’s story in an
effective way? Define tone of voice. Keep content true to brand
personality. Make sure content is on par with what was outlined
in the prototype.

Step 4


Main Activities

Design the layouts based on the outputs of the 3 previous
phases. Export visuals for client feedback.

Key Questions

Is the design in line with the approved goals, mood-boards &
wireframes? Are we following brand guidelines? How do we
portray content? How good is usability? Are calls to action